A Judicious Choice For Your Event, Our High Quality PhotoBooths With Original And Innovative Designs

will generate joy and smiles until the last minute, to the delight of your guests

Phot-O-Booth 32" MonoPod

Phot-O-Booth 32" design

  • Photobooth circulaire by unartvisuel.ch

PhotoBooth 48" portique

The Basic Offer

It Is Up To 3 Hours Of Continuous Event.

Integrated On-Screen Display With Customers Images And You’re Marketing Media Inserted.

Digital Download Device At Will Directly By Integrated Local Wifi  (= Considerable Gain Of Time Of Passage In Front Of The Phot O Booth And No Wait To Recover Your Digital Photos)

The Basic Offer Includes, Delivery, Set Up, Dismantling And Transport In Geneva Town! (Host, Prints, Background Fabrics And Holder Not Included)

As A Bonus Depending On Each Situation, An Available And Friendly Assistant Might Stay On Site. Since Quality Is Important To Us, We Optimize The Settings To Preserve The High Quality Of Your Photos According To The Characteristics Of The Location.

All Performances Are Paid In Advance. The Quote Is Free.

The Extra +++

Unique Cool Design

Ease Of Use

Big Touch Screen 61Cm / 24 inch

Require Only Between 1M2 & 2M2 Space

Big Liveview Screen

Reflex Pro Camera

Immediate Multiple Prints At Will

Slide Show On Big Screen 32″ to 48″

You’re Digital Media Included

A Powerful Marketing Device

Up To 10 Square Meter Advertising Surface

Connected Photobooth

Immediate Email Delivery, Fb…

Customizable Emails

Long Terme Rental

All Professional Equipment

Top Service

Local Company

Swiss Made…

More info on our PhotoBooths

PhotoBooths by unartvisuel.ch are products that will pleasantly surprise your guests with their Original Design and the Quality of the Photos made available for Immediate Download as well as for High Quality Printing and Reprints.

They are Large (between 1 to 2 square meter on the ground, up to 2m80 high) and Powerful to be seen and used with a high rate of photos per hour and a High Ease of Use. The goal, a Maximum of Pleasure and full of memories for All Your Guests, Young and Old.

It is an Original and Unique design specially created by Our Designer and Pro Photographer to obtain a Strong Visual and Unparalleled Image Quality with Professional Photo Equipment in Studio Flash and SLR Cameras.

We offer the Evolutive Slideshow Display Included in the PhotoBooth, it is Unique among Photo Booth, Selfie Box, Photobox, Photo Box, Photo Terminal on the market because we take the extra weight and size that it represents to offer you the Best Experience in this field, it is a great Value Very Appreciated. It perfectly complete the Animation by allowing you to generate Ideas and Creativity for your guests at will. Insertion of Your media included. (photo souvenir, message, advertising…) Deferring the slide show on a Remote Screen is also  easy and possible.

Digital Download is Available Immediately for the PhotObooth as well as for the Connected Photographer, Same for HD Paper Prints. They will be magnetized for a long time against the fridge, visible every day to remind them that at Your Event, they were there and thus keep precious memories…

Sign, draw, leave a personalized message on your photo during a wedding, a birthday, create an animated gif, add your logo, use a green background for an image inlay, a video, Many options are available with our photo-booths.

Give us the Place and Time. Don’t worry about finding a person with a car, for transport, the anguish of being there on time, the assembly, the adjustments, the fear of quality, the decoration, the lack of paper, the cleanliness of the lens, the screen… We take care of everything or almost everything so that you can prepare and enjoy an Excellent Event with your guests, without worries.

Our Packages

The Mini-Budget

Digital Fun For Small Budget in Maximum Quality
from 459.-
  • The Basic Offer With The Phot_O_Booth 32″ Monopod ( 3H Of Intense Fun Before 10pm)
  • Trouble Free, We Deliver, Mount And Adjust The Phot_O_Booth For You To Enjoy It Fully With Your Guest’s  At The Expected Time, Dismounted By Our Staff At The End Of Duty
  • Digital Pictures At Will & Immediate Digital Download Via Integrated Wifi & Via Email In Addition Of The Images Download Access Delivered Within 48H
  • Included Your Logo In Overlay
  • We Are Proud To Offer This Unique Image Quality For This Low Rate. Not Only In Pixels, But also In Light & Shadow, Exposure & Fun matters. Many Available Images Shown On This Website Bear Witness of our quality pictures
  • Offered: The Display of the Realized Images On The Big Screen 32″ As Slide Show With Your Media Included (Photo Souvenir, Message, Advertisement, Logo…)
  • (Only French Version Is Contractual !)

Shared Smiles, Special* Offer 2019

High quality and Service included for a small price... it is Possible!
from 649.-
  • The basic offer with the Phot_O_Booth 32″ MonoPod
  • No hassle, we deliver, install and settle the Phot_O_Booth so that you can fully enjoy your guests at the scheduled time. Imagine the time saved so you can organize everything else in peace!
  • Offered: Display of photos taken as an evolutive slideshow on a 32″ screen with your media included (souvenir photo, message, logo, advertising…)
  • Unlimited printing and reprinting during the duration of the Event
  • Included up to 1 extra hour before midnight or up to 4 hours of continuous event and intense fun
  • (Only French Version Is Contractual !)

*limited offer for the first 2 private bookings from Monday to Thursday, take advantage of it! Standard price 749 – CHf

Company -Gala - Products

Ideal With Many Employees
From 1300.-
  • The basic offer Mounted with the Phot_O_Booth 32″ Design
  • Offered: Display of photos taken as an evolutive slideshow on a large screen with your media included (souvenir photo, message, logo, advertising…)
  • The Original structure with its LED lighting in the colours of your choice
  • Unlimited printing and reprinting during the duration of the service
  • Deep black fabrics and gantry structure for rigid background support or fabrics available
  • Help to realize a custom-made decoration
  • A selection of available accessories
  • Included up to 3 hours of overtime before midnight equals up to 6 hours of continuous event and intense fun
  • Includes 1 hour of connected photographer with photos available for immediate sharing (Le Must!)
  • Includes 1 hour meeting in Geneva to work out the details of your event
  • (Only French Version Is Contractual !)

Full Options

For Your Success Story
From 1800.-
  • The basic offer with the Mounted 48″ PhotoBooth Portique or the 32″ Phot_O_Booth Design with its Original Structure
  • Display of photos taken as an evolutive slide show on a large deferred screen with your media included (souvenir photo, message, logo, advertising…)
  • The Design structure with its LED lighting in the colours of your choice
  • Unlimited printing and reprinting during the duration of the Event
  • Deep black fabrics and Portal structure for rigid background support or fabrics available (black – white – chroma green – backlit white)
  • Graphic adaptation of your inlayed images for the green background
  • Touch screen customization
  • Help to realize a custom-made Scenery
  • The photographer connected during important moments until midnight (Le Must!) With Immediate Downloads
  • Includes up to 10 hours of continuous event in total for maximum and intense fun
  • Travel in French-speaking Switzerland up to 200km a/r
  • Includes up to 2 hours of meetings in Geneva to work out the details of your event
  • And much more, write to us
  • (Only French Version Is Contractual !)

We Want To Play Overtime...

Its Normal and Usual
From 99.-/h
  • The rate per extra hour (for information) will already be established in your offer, there are no hidden fees.
  • Downloading and unlimited printing and reprinting during the duration of the service is also included in the extra hour, within the limit of the available print stock.

The Connected Photographer

Special Offer
From 99.-/h
  • When the PhotoBooth is combined with the connected Photographer, its unique and quality service will offer you a complete souvenir of your event immediately available in digital format at an attractive price. Ask for an offer.
  • The connected photographer: It is to allow you to have a photo reportage of all or part of your event (except wedding photography) by a professional photographer. A selection of his quality photos will be available for immediate download via the PhotoBooth application. Your event logo also included in the photos if desired.
  • You prefer to have control over the photos that will be made available from the Photographer, it is also possible. We have regular mandates in this direction with large, well-known and very demanding companies.

The Available Options 

You prefer to create your own customizable Photobooth? Choose from the many options to get an offer that suits your event! Many other solutions can be considered. Do not hesitate to contact us!

More Informations On The options...

The connected photographer

The Must have. Unique! A photographer approved by unartvisuel.ch covers your event in connected mode, his great quality photos are displayed on the big screen and are also available for immediate sharing, by download, it’s unique!

The host, the hostess

It is possible to have a person who will animate the photobooth by offering different possibilities to make the experience and photos unique.

The assistant

The assistant is there first and foremost to ensure the transport of the equipment, its assembly, adjustments and optimization of the photos. He/she will provide supplies for the printer and additional settings if necessary. Incidentally, he (she) will animate the photobooth so that the experience is maximized. His presence is not permanent. In some offers, its presence will only be at the beginning and end of the event.

Download (included)

Our unique digital download system allows you to spend more time taking pictures than writing your e_mail. Unlimited downloading is included in all services, for the duration of the service. Then, find all the photos validated with the event organizer, he will have received a copy usually within 48 hours. For professionals, the email collection for your CRM will be reliable.

The printer

Because nothing beats a paper souvenir, we integrate a fast, 10 second/photo, high quality thermal sublimation printer with unlimited printing and reprints for the duration of the service. You are several in a photo and want to reprint it, easy, reprint as many times as you want. Be careful with alcohol abuse… uh of impressions, too many multiple impressions can generate a certain expectation, despite the quality of the photos and the speed of printing, at the end of the service, the printer may not have finished all the prints…

The logo (included)

Add a custom watermark (your logo or advertisement) on the photos both on the digital display and on the paper prints to mark your event that will be shared by your guests, a plus for your marketing visibility.

Free advertising (included)

Take advantage of the large 48″ or 32″ UHD screen as an advertising medium to add a slide with the event sponsors that will regularly intersperse among the photos taken by your guests on the PhotoBooth.

Up to 10m2 of surface area at your brand

When the PhotoBooth on Portique is chosen, you have a 2m wide by 2m50 high, i.e. 10m2 of surface available to cover the photobooth with your sign. Take advantage of the large 48″ UHD screen to complete your visibility with a dynamic effect.

Customizable emails

Complete your campaign by personalizing the emails sent with the shared digital photo on all social networks, thus increasing your online visibility by exposing your brand to a new audience.

Deferred screen

Display the evolving slideshow and your integrated advertising on a second screen, use a projector for greater impact. For maximum marketing visibility.

The background

Installation of a simple tubular portal structure 2 to 4 m wide and 2 to 3 m high. It allows you to hang a black background, a printed image, rigid panels or various decorations. Its width will determine the number of people that can be present in the photo… .

The green background

The photos taken on a chroma key green background allow you to select an image that will replace the green background and overlay you in front of a dream setting, a beach, the buildings in Manhattan… It’s up to you to provide us with the images, copyright free!

Set Design

This is a more important subject than we imagine, a well thought out setting with original accessories will make the experience even stronger. You don’t have time to create a unique decor? We are here to find solutions with our partners!

The accessories

Some accessories such as hats of different styles, glasses, wigs, inflatable frames and many other items are available to enhance the fun of taking pictures with the PhotoBooth. Find a few accessories on your side will complete the choice for your guests.

Uploading of photos (included)

The availability of digital photos for single download is included in all offers. Adding the provision of photos for your guests is an additional service charged.

The photo studio

We mount the 48″ PhotoBooth as a photo studio, complementing the basic lighting with pro light boxes (2 to 5 units). The ideal solution to impress your guests with the quality of the photos and the aerial structure of the whole device.

The studio-maton

Would you prefer your hosts to be out of sight? We mount the PhotoBooth as a compact photo booth. A confined space, surrounded by black curtains. This option also allows you to take “Slow motion” photos with a coloured lamp for example.

Time! Time!

It is an entertainment that will happily keep your guests busy from the beginning to the last possible minute of your event. Plan broadly by adding time to the basic offer or, during the event, agree on an hour to stop the PhotoBooth and risk making unfortunate people…. Disassembly is done as soon as the time is up, allow one hour for disassembly.

New !

Sign On The Image

Add your signature or a message on the photo via the touch screen is possible. Make your photo even more unique by leaving a personalized message on the printed or digital photo.

Draw On The Image

Add anywhere on the photo of the moustaches drawn by you, a hat or a big heart to declare your love to the person who will receive the photo, all your creativity can be displayed. Children of all ages will love it!

Boomerang Effect

Take 4 pictures in a row and convert them into an animated GIF or mpeg4 file to post it on FB it is now possible. Give animation to your expressions.

Add A Note

Add a note on the image via the touchscreen keyboard, in addition to a big smile, it is the small personal message that will make you happy to read in the photo album or send by email.


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Generator of great smiles and fun

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