Frequent questions

Questions you need to ask before renting a PhotoBooth, and traps you need to avoid

What would be the questions to ask yourself when Willing to rent a PhotoBooth, Selfie Box, Photo Terminal… or traps to avoid?

Delivery and assembly included

  • This means you avoid finding the right person and vehicle to Fetch the Photo Box
  • No need to find a place to store the Selfie Box before and after the event
  • A manual, useless, it will be assembled, adjusted and tested by us to Optimize Quality
  • No risk of breaking your back or dropping the unit during assembly
  • Ensure that the Photo Booth will be operational at the scheduled time
  • It means taking full advantage of the precious time you have left to take care of the organization and your guests
  • Reduce the risk of having equipment stolen

Do I need the PhotoBooth for the entire duration of the event?

  • If so, I need to be prepared to assume the damage and financial costs that may result from guests who are no longer in a state of responsible discernment.
  • What could be the quality of the photos taken during this late period, is this really the memory I want to keep of my event?
  • Our experience has shown that stopping the service at around 01:00 am, in the morning is often a good compromise that allows you to have great quality photos with great memories.

Unlimited photos?

  • All providers offer unlimited photos, but be careful, they are probably digital photos and not paper prints.
  • The right question for digital photos will be, how long is the duration of a session to take a photo?
  • The slowness of some software processes takes up to 2 minutes for a session, compared to less than 20 seconds for the most efficient ones, the calculation of the number of guests delighted during the event is quickly done, 30 sessions compared to more than 100 sessions per hour for our devices!

Print on paper?

  • Everyone has thousands of photos hidden in their smartphone that they occasionally find, having a paper print is a guarantee to see the photo often, they will remember each time they were at your event.
  • Having a photo album next to the PhotoBooth allows your guests to give way to their creativity through the image and text, that will be a great finished souvenir for you.

Unlimited paper printing, what does that mean in practice?

Some service providers offer unlimited printing with variants that will get you confused, for example:

  • For each pose in front of the camera, only one 10x15cm or two 5x15cm photos will be printed, no reprint option, it’s the trap. If you are 8 and the pose is exceptional, you will only have one or two paper copies of this photo. Repeat the pose/session 8 times while the others wait their turn, not so good.
  • Filling up the “livre d’or” also needs a second sample of that great picture you just did. One for you and one for the album!
  • Duration of the session, Imagine the exposure time until the printing order is so long that your guests will be discouraged, 2 minutes for the worst providers against less than 20 seconds for our devices…
  • The length of the session plus the slowness of the printer means that at best 2 5x15cm photos will be printed in more than 2 minutes, i.e. a maximum of 30 sessions and 60 printed photos per hour compared to 100 sessions and nearly 300 printed photos, we know why our customers are increasing and love our efficient quality process, we like to offer a service that will make you and your guest very happy…

Great your pictures, but when will they be available and where?

Question many time asked, now it’s a “has been” question as the PhotoBooth by unartvisuel.ch revisited brings our online habits for immediate sharing the opportunity to do so.

All validated images will be available for download to all persons near the PhotoBooth, delivered within 10 seconds. Enjoy, download and share immediately!

Can everybody download the photos?


All guests on site next to the operating PhotoBooth will have access to the integrated WiFi and download options.

When taking a photo, there is a notice and warning on the screen to inform you about this function.

Each individual is responsible on what is published on the web and social media. By the way, the organizer will also have a copy of the validated images and may link them on a personal web page.

It’s a function that is most often requested but it’s also possible to limit the access if needed.


I have a foreign cell phone provider, downloading the images will cost me a lot !


We did think about this situation.

Dont worry, you can connect on the local WiFi delivered by the PhotoBooth immediately, it’s a free access.

Select the “PhotoBooth” WiFi and write down the provided link to download freely all your quality images.

Remember that you are the only one responsible of what you publish on the web and social media.


We have reserved the PhotoBooth until midnight, but it's such a succes, is it possible to keep it longer?


Yes, it’s possible and event frequent!

Our Photo Booths are made to offer the best animation during your event, it would be sad to stop the creativity of your guests and memorable souvenir due to timing!

By the way, all extra time charge is already clearly mentioned in your contract, there is no surprise on extra costs.


Hey, the picture you have done of me is great. Can you send it to me tomorrow?


Yes, but the best for you is to download it now with your smartphone! Connect to the specific photobooth WiFi, select the Photographers images and there you are, you can download it right away and share it.

To find all the pictures done with the photobooth and by the connected photographer, check with the event manager, he will have them all within two days.

What image format will we be able to have?


The usual image format you will receive is the format delivered during the event, as is.

Only the validated images done during the event by your guests will be delivered, accessible by the manager of the event on a protected webpage.

The original image coming from the camera can be delivered, without any modification. Request an offer and usage rights.


We are 25 on a group picture, how can each of us have a printed copy?


Easy, you can reprint as many images you wish with our application. Ask the host (esse) when available.

By the way, the thermal sublimation process gives high quality images, with great long terme quality, meaning you can look at the image back in many years without any color damage to the prints, and great emotions of the past will pop up.


Is it possible to have only our logo on the images?


Yes, it’s possible to have no watermark or logo on the images, or only your logo or brand name.

Request an offer. Basically, all offers have the photobooth logo on all digital and printed images.


Is it possible to have our brand name on all images?


Yes, it’s even better if you wish to optimize your visibility when the images will be shared.

In most offers, there is the possibility to send us your logo and the first 15 minutes of graphisme adaptation is included. We will send you a sample of how it will show on the image for you to validate the presentation.

By the way, we also offer you the possibility to add advertisings that will show on the slideshow screen every N minutes. It’s free of charge.


Why would we use a green background?


The green chroma key background gives the possibility to add any kind of background image. This way you could be virtually standing on a nice sandy beach, between NY buildings or any image of your choice, just a click away.

You will provide us the image background in sRGB, and be sure it’s image rights free. (no copyright)

Request an offer for the green background and graphisme adaptation.


What type of background would you offer?


Our open PhotoBooth (no curtain to hide or sqweez people) are very flexible in amount of people sharing the same image due to our great material quality we have in our equipment.

Ideal for weddings, birthday party, classroom event, corporate event, work groups when many people can be there together.

The background is more important than what most people think, it must be high and wide, better with no reflexion.

It must be between 2m50 and 4m wide, and 2 to 3m high.

This is necessary for all kind of background, your own fabric or our Fabric, a deep black fabric background or green chroma key backdrop. All other type of background can be organized with some time.

Contact us.

We can provide a tubular frame to fixe fabrics, or rigid surface.


Is it possible to have an assistant during the event?


Yes, it is. The assistant can improve the fluidity of the guests passing by during high affluence, this way as many as possible guests will have a chance to enjoy this animation.

The assistant will also ensure that the background decor stays in place, that the adjustments are optimum during the event. He will be there to reload the printer, clean the lens and the screen, to tidy up the props, this way your guests will be able to enjoy as much as possible in the best condition this animation and the rest of the party.

For some events, as a bonus, an assistant could be available, food and drinks would then be provided. Note, his presence will not be permanent.


How does it work when you rent a PhotoBooth, is it delivered?


Yes, for your comfort, we take care of everything, or almost everything.

We take care of the transportation, setting up the device, making the necessary adjustments while you can optimize your time with all your other duty preparing this event. It’s a turnkey service!

The transportation is included in the Geneva’s city area rental of our PhotoBooths

We do events in all Suisse Romande and further, also in France, request an offer!


Is it necessary to leave a caution when renting your PhotoBooth?


It depends on each situation. During events, the organizer (you) would usually contract an insurance for all the stakeholders, and include the PhotoBooth rental.

We have build devices that supports a normal use and care, in case of outburst, the device can as long as necessary be disconnected.

It’s the organizer duty to insure safety for the people and security for the equipment at all time. All damages are at organizers charge as mentionned in the CG.


Ease of use PhotoBooths

Our PhotoBooth is very simple to handle for kids like adults.

The large  24″ touch screen make you select the designed graphisme, start the countdown while showing your live view image, take the picture, let you select print or digital process, depending on the availability of the wifi and the contract. Pickup the printed picture, and start again, that’s it!

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