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Votre animation en plein format et haute qualité!

Delivered, mounted, tested and optimised for each rental

this to guarantee the visual quality we care about

to ensure your animation is a full success.

It’s our way to success.

See big

De grands groupes
  • We did everything big, adding the experience and professional photographic skills with high quality equipment.
  • The PhotoBooth special design like suspended in the air within the lightened frame confers a grandiose and unique visual effect to this great animation.
  • An HD webcam for a bright live view image in full frame on the 23″ Touchscreen.
  • For your background, a rigid frame that can support rigid or soft fabric. Up to 6m wide would be needed for large group photos with more than 25 peoples.

Immediate sharing

Un partage immédiat
  • High quality paper prints with dye sublimation technique and immediate digital download, it’s at will.
  • No roaming charges for your foreign guests or collection of e-mails without your knowledge.
  • Free open WiFi access near the PhotoBooth.
  • Make at least twice more photos than usual photobooths without wasting time entering your data.
  • Ask how many photos can be done per hour, this will be the amount of happy guests having their great souvenir.

Loving the quality

De grands groupes

Quality everywhere…

  • Reflex camera with a sensor at least 6x bigger than webcams usually in use.
  • 23″ Touch screen for a large bright live view image
  • Immediate images download on your smartphone in high quality for free sharing
  • Big 4x6″ quality prints by fast dye sublimation, ~10 seconds per print
  • High quality images will display with no complex, also on the Ultra High Definition 4K 48″ screen.

Unique, the connected photographer

Photographe connecté

To capture all the other important moments of your event

  • Choose the connected photographer  to carry out the photo reportage.
  • Offer your guests professional photos, immediately transferred via the revisited PhotoBooth by unartvisuel.ch.
  • Digital format as paper prints also available right away.
  • Unique concept created for immediate sharing.

Our experience at your service

Changes may apply without prior notice. Only french version is applicable.

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