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Our Photobooth Revisited

Brings great fun and souvenirs with real unlimited prints over

Prints / year

Make Sensation with Our Photo Booths during Your Event.

They are Fun, Great and Powerful with an Original and Unique Design with an Amazing Photo Quality.

Built to be Seen and Utilized by the Biggest Amount of People for Maximum Enjoyment and Memories. Forget the little basic square box, as high as 3 apples, hidden in a corner…

Pictures, Videos, Animated GIF, Boomerang Effect, Almost Everything is Possible.

All Our PhotoBooth are Equipped With a Large Screen Displaying the Progressive Slide Show of the Photos Taken. It’s Addictive! The Big Plus Offered that Pleases Everybody and Completes a Smart Way Your Event Animation. Optimize Your Presence and Visibility with Your Media Embedded in The Slide Show.

Powerful Performance

For a maximum Happy Guests, We reach over


Digital photos at Will with Instant Upload via Internal WiFi = No Roaming Charge.

A Home Application for Instant Sharing of Digital Photos With or Without Personal Data Gathering. We Never Keep or Share those Data!

Touch the Screen, The Countdown Starts, Smile, Validate, Print, Reprint, Send by email, FB …, Repeat at Will.

Reduced Time to Achieve Your Photos = More Flow, More Photos for More Fun, It’s All We Want!

A Bluffing Quality

It’s The Reaction Of Our Users. For Digitals & Dye Sublimation Paper Prints, They Recognize Immediately The High Quality Provided And Will Speak About It.

High Quality Due To A Unique And Special Design, A Professional Reflex Camera, A Great Studio Flash Lighting, A High Resolution And Powerful Software

A Quality Required By Our Professional Designer And Photographer

Excellency in Provided Service

Delivered, Mounted, Tested and Optimized for Each Rental in order to Guarantee this Visual Quality which is Important to Us

Enjoy Without Hassle at the Agreed Time, Dismantled by Us at the End of the Duty

Listening to Your Needs for Your Event with Our Photo Booth Animation to Reach This Full Success We All Like

Our Professional Experience in Your Hands, Your Satisfaction Make’s Our Success! Advice, Get in Touch With Us As Soon As Possible…

Make it happen. Anticipate Your Reservation, it’s the Guarantee to have one of Our Quality PhotoBooths during Your Event and have happy guests.